The Original Nordic Skates - Only $49!
Zandstra Wood Nordic Skates (above) for cross-country ski boots. Hardwood platforms
are compatible with Salomon Profil Auto and Rottefella NNN-TM bindings.
Length: 44 cm (17.5 inches). Colors: Blue or Natural.
Blue painted wood platforms have pre-drilled pilot holes for bindings. Natural varnished platforms do not.
Blue platforms come with zinc-plated blades to inhibit rust. Natural platforms come with unplated blades.
These blades were manufactured in the 1990's, so minor discoloration of the wood
and/or steel may have occurred over time, but it will not affect their on-ice performance.
Price $49/pair bare.
NEW: Do-it-yourself kit includes 1 pair blades plus 1 pair bindings. Only $98.
Shipping: USA $15. Canada $25.

Call (866) 244-2570 to order.
Friese doorlopers (Dutch wooden skates)
Natural finish $39/pair, Hand-painted $59/pair Authentic Dutch wooden skates are here!
Known as "Friese doorlopers", these skates come in natural wood finish (below left, $25 each or $49 a pair), or hand-painted in dark blue or dark green with a beautiful flower design (above left, $35 each or $69 a pair).
Friesland province is in the northwestern corner of the Netherlands, against the North Sea. It's the home of the Elfstedentocht, the Dutch equivalent of the Super Bowl, the biggest skating race and tour in the world. It's also the home of Dutch wooden skates known as Friese doorlopers; the Friesian language; and a unique flag featuring red water-lilies on a background of blue and white stripes. This skating hat (right) proudly displays the Friesian flag design featuring the red pompebled or water lily. Around the brim it says FRYSLÂN -- the Friesian spelling of their home province.
$10 plus shipping.
Friesland skating hat $10
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