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V2 Aero Combi XL150SC skate/classic package
Mini-Package contains:
V2 Aero Combi XL150SC (right)
with 6-inch inflatable tires
and NNN, Profil or Pilot bindings.
Skis come with outrigger wheels and a choice of emergency brake (below) or speed reducers (below right).

Full Package contains:
V2 XL150SC mini-package as described above, plus a choice of combi boots
(Alpina SR40, ST40, R Combi or S Combi; Atomic Sport Pursuit; Rossignol X-7 or X-8 Pursuit, Salomon Active/Equipe or Vitane Pilot);
Exel, Swix or Yoko roller ski poles (below); and a roller skiing DVD.
V2 XL150SC with NNN bindings
Not shown: Outrigger wheels,
choice of speed reducers or emergency brake
V2 XL150SC Mini-Package $559. V2 XL150SC Full Package with combi boots & poles $749.
V2 XL150SC emergency brake $69 V2 XL150SC speed reducers $99

Exel or Yoko 40-60% carbon fixed-length poles $59
Pole Options: Choice of Exel Centra, Swix RC Pro or Yoko 5400 fixed-length poles (above). Or, for $30 extra, upgrade to Skike adjustable-length poles (right) or Exel Integra 85% carbon shock-absorbing poles (below). Skike adjustable-length telescoping poles $99
Exel Integra 85% carbon shock-absorbing poles $89
Ski Options: Upgrade skis to reinforced shafts for 200-240 lb. skiers: add $50
Upgrade to dual braking systems (speed reducers AND emergency brake): $69
Boot Options: Upgrade boots to Alpina S Combi Summer or Salomon Pro Combi Pilot: add $20
Upgrade boots to Rossignol X-ium World Cup Pursuit: add $100
XL150SC Parts & Accessories
XL150SC wheels, tires & tubes are extremely long-lasting. But if you do need a replacement, please specify either the ratcheted front wheel, or the free-spinning rear wheel, or the spare tire or tube.
Our most popular accessories: V2 tire pump (left) $40. Complete 6-inch free-spinning rear wheel (center) $44.95.
Complete 6-inch ratcheted front wheel (right) $69.95.
V2 Fox tire pump $40V2 150 skate wheel $44.95V2 150 classic wheel $69.95
More accessories: V2 XL150 spare tire (below left) $19.95. V2 XL150 spare tube (below center) $13.95.
V2 XL150 tire changing station (below right) $89.
V2 150 tire $19.95   V2 150 tube $13.95   V2 150 tire changing station $89
Below: V2 full-finger gloves
protect your hands from blisters and road rash.
Leather palm and breathable mesh back.
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.
Call (866) 244-2570 to order.

V2 full-finger roller ski gloves $25/pair
Below: V2 carbide-steel roller ski ferrules convert your snow poles into roller ski poles. $15/pair
Sizes: Yellow for 7-9mm diameter poles.
Black for 9-11mm diameter poles.
V2 roller ski ferrules $15/pair
Below: V2 Diamond file for sharpening carbide-steel roller ski ferrules. $20
V2 diamond sharpening file $20
Below: Repair kit includes allen wrench, socket wrench, tire levers, patches, rubber cement, glue, rasp, brush & instruction book, all in a zippered pouch. $9.95.
Call (866) 244-2570 to order.
Tube repair kit $9.95
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